About MICO Furniture

For over twenty years MICO has been a trusted name for bespoke fitted furniture across London and Hertfordshire, meeting any request for contemporary bedroom, living room, kitchen or office furniture. Our commitment to innovation and quality has helped us to claim pride of place in homes, offices, galleries and embassies throughout the area, creating furniture that not only looks amazing but meets the day-to-day requirements of even the most demanding environment.

We select our raw materials from some of the world’s finest woods - including Oak, Walnut, Wenge and Zebrano, giving you access to distinctive and decorative finishes that will enhance any room and draw the attention of any guest. At MICO we meld superior materials with time-served craftsmen who can bring out the character of any wood, then utilise the latest technology and techniques to complement traditional woodworking skills - producing end results that stand head and shoulders above our competition. From a fitted wardrobe to a functional workstation, we insist on a meticulous attention to detail from beginning to end, ensuring a final result that exceeds every expectation.
Start by discussing your needs for bespoke fitted furniture with one of our designers and they will take you from your initial concept through to detailed plans that let you visualise your ideas. At MICO we specialise in contemporary furniture and can offer you world-class innovation and space-saving designs that unlock the potential in any room. This combination of aesthetic appeal and unrivalled functionality keeps MICO at the forefront of bespoke fitted furniture in London and Hertfordshire, and we have clients that return to us as they refurbish each room in their home.

Spend a little time browsing our wide range of available Products, then visit our Contact page to discuss your ideas for bespoke contemporary furniture with one of our advisors. We’d love to hear from you and make your dream furniture a reality.